Our Eastern Regional Folklife Network Meeting in Hazard, KY Was a Success!

Over the weekend, the Kentucky Folklife Program staff traveled to Hazard, Kentucky to host a Folklife Network Meeting that consisted of workshops, lunch and an information session. Our meeting was held at the Perry County Public Library and we had lunch from Shenanigans Deli!

The first workshop was on Folk Art & Education, taught by Judy Sizemore and Nicole Musgrave. They showed us ways to get students of any grade level engaged and excited about folk art and traditions. The activities included ways to teach students about folk groups, interviewing skills and how to talk to their own families about traditions. It was a great workshop for educators of all types!

The second workshop was on Oral History Interviewing, lead by Folklife Specialist Joel Chapman and Director Brent Bjorkman. They guided us through a brief history of oral interviews, their importance and how they can be used today. They also showed us equipment and best interviewing practice, like asking open ended questions!

We ended the day with a information session with our attendees about how to broaden the Folklife Network, more ways to engage with community members, and what they would like to see next from the Kentucky Folklife Network. We had a great time in Eastern Kentucky and want to say thank you to all our attendees, speakers, Shenanigans Deli and The Perry County Public Library!


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