Kentucky Folklife Program Debuts Legacy Project Zine Draft

The Kentucky Folklife Program is excited to share the draft zine that will accompany the ongoing Musical Legacy Project. This zine has been the project of Brielle Freeman, who is an undergraduate student at Western Kentucky University.

The zine will focus on showing how the music scene of Southcentral Kentucky, and specifically gig culture, has shifted from the 1970s to today.

While working on this project, Brielle has become familiar with the many personalities that form the Bowling Green music community that the Kentucky Folklife Program has documented through oral history over the past three years.

Brielle shares, “All summer, we have pulled the interviews and photographs together to compile into a mini magazine format that will be printed for tangible use. Altogether, this project is promoting the exhibit at large that will later be displayed online and in the Kentucky Museum.”

For Brielle, who is an artist, photographer, and anthropology student, this zine has been a labor of love. “Blending my love for the arts, this immersive experience has given me the opportunity as a folklorist and designer to showcase digital drawings that bring past lives to the forefront of our current ones.”

We are looking forward to sharing more drafts of the zine in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled for updates on this exciting project. 

Brielle (she/her) sits on a blanket in the grass under a tree. She is looking down at the film camera in her hands. She has long, brown hair, parted in the middle and braided into pigtails. She is wearing a blush colored short-sleeved shirt under a striped romper.


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