From the Archives: Fried pies for Pi Day!


Fried pies for Pi Day! Sheila Burd from Horse Cave, #KY demonstrating how to make fried pies from our narrative stage at last year’s Horse Cave Heritage Festival. Burd told us a story about selling fried pies to pay for her daughter’s wedding dress: “I got up every morning at about 4:30 – and I was working full time at that time – to make the money to buy that dress with. And I sold enough [pies] to buy that dress and the stuff that went with it. Total it was about $1000 by the time I got done with it. And I gave that little country store a quarter for every five that I sold, and I sold them for $1 a piece. So I made a lot of pies.” #kyfolklife #piday #pieday #friedpies #kentucky #foodways

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