Hunters and their Dogs in the Mammoth Cave Region

KFP2015FITP_0007_JCph0029 (1)

Hunters in the Mammoth Cave region of south-central Kentucky have been training dogs to aid in hunting for generations. Different game requires different breeds of dogs that are specifically bred and trained for their unique hunting and tracking skills. Join Folklorist-in-the-Park Josh Chrysler and special guests, John Meredith, a rabbit hunter and his Beagle; Tommy Smith, a coon and squirrel hunter and his Treeing Walker Coonhound; and Heather Streible, a duck and goose hunter and her Labrador Retriever, for a discussion of the hunting traditions in the Mammoth Cave area.

This discussion will be held at Mammoth Cave National Park’s ampitheater at 7:30 p.m. Contact Chrysler at for more information.

Funding for this event and supporting research was provided by an NEA ArtWorks grant.

See photos from this past event below.


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