WKU PBS produces “Behind the Scenes” of “A Culture Carried: Bosnians in Bowling Green”

by Virginia Siegel / Video courtesy of WKU PBS

As the Kentucky Museum and Kentucky Folklife Program entered the final stages of construction and exhibit preparation, WKU PBS was there to capture it.  WKU PBS will be producing a series of videos on the Bowling Green Bosnian American community and our current exhibit A Culture Carried: Bosnians in Bowling Green throughout the semester.  This first video is a sneak peak of that footage, and we will add more videos here as they are released.  Many thanks to the WKU PBS team for documenting the hard work that’s gone into our project!

See this video on Facebook.

See this video on Facebook.


Commemorating the Srebrenica Genocide

by Virginia Siegel / Research by the Bosnia Oral History Project Committee

Bowling Green’s Walk to Remember Srebrenica, July 2016.  Photo by Mirnes Hajric.

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the start of the Srebrenica Genocide in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which began July 11, 1995.  Many of our fellow Kentuckians are survivors of the Srebrenica Genocide and many lost loved ones.

This week, the Bosnian American community of Bowling Green is hosting events to commemorate and remember Srebrenica, as well as many other sites of genocide and atrocity during the Bosnian War of the 1990s.  Many in our Bowling Green community lived in besieged Srebrenica and survived the events of the genocide; many of their loved ones did not survive.

The Srebrenica Genocide of 1995

“When we saw that there was no hope for Srebrenica and its people — that the final moment had come, the terror could be felt in the air. It is a strange feeling to describe, there are no words for it, but you knew that this day is like no other and you knew that this day will stand among the rest of your days.” – Mehmed Alić, as shared with Senida Husić, 2015

As nations of the former Yugoslavia began their struggles for independence in the 1980s, following the death of Tito and the breakdown of communism in other countries in Europe, Serbia used military strength to expand its power in the Balkan region.  Between 1992 and 1995, the village of Srebrenica in Eastern Bosnia served as a stronghold and refuge for Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) facing ethnic cleansing from Bosnian Serb and Serb forces.

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Celebrating a Century of Folklore at WKU

by Virginia Siegel / Research by Michael Ann Williams and Ann Ferrell

Since 2012, the Kentucky Folklife Program has proudly called Western Kentucky University’s Department of Folk Studies & Anthropology home.  This year, the WKU Folk Studies Program is celebrating a century of folklore research and teaching at WKU.  To celebrate, Folk Studies faculty, Michael Ann Williams and Ann Ferrell, have partnered with KFP’s Virginia Siegel to create a poster commemorating the last 100 years.  View the poster and read on to learn more about the history of folklore at WKU.

WKU Century of Folklore Post FOAF(Click on the poster to enlarge)

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