Kentucky Folklife Programs Visits Marc Owens at High Street Studios

Earlier this year, the Kentucky Folklife Program visited musician and producer Marc Owens at his studio just outside of Bowling Green. 

Marc has been a fixture of the Bowling Green music scene since his first studio basement on High Street thirty years ago and continues to leave his imprint on the local scene through his studio High Street Studios. 

Marc earned his chops as a recording engineer at Morning Star Studios. Even thoughMarc has worked in various studios for various acts, Marc’s career has come full-circle, as High Street Studios is located in the same building that housed Morning Star Studios over thirty years ago.

In addition to Marc’s work as a producer, Mark is a notable drummer who has played in countless bands throughout Bowling Green’s history, namely Sgt. Arms. During KFP’s visit, Marc played the recently remastered Sgt. Arms tracks. He was also kind enough to share some of his works-in-progress that feature other Bowling Green legends, such as Bones Kaelin and Chris Carmichael.

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